Marathon Runner Completes 152nd Marathon

Michael Goolkasian completes his 152nd marathonJoining a field of more than 17,000 runners from all 50 states and 60 different countries, Michael Goolkasian raced for the 6th time in this 26.2-mile event through Walt Disney World theme parks as he completed his 152nd career marathon.

Michael said, “The weather was spectacular, and I knew the course very well after running here last year. The hardest part about running this marathon is the early morning starting line-up at 4:15 a.m. With your adrenals pumping as usual before a race and having to deal with the bumper to bumper traffic and fearing not being at the start when the gun went off, Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm® Plus Calcium definitely calmed my nerves as I sipped this drink mixture from my water bottle as the race start time approached.”

The marathon proceeded through all four Disney parks, starting at EPCOT Center and continuing through the back roads of the Magic Kingdom. The course is basically flat, and runners are entertained and cheered by a full cast of Disney employees and visitors, who line the course singing praises as the runners go by.

This is the perfect course for those who want to run a fun marathon, with many runners stopping during the race and lining up to have their photos taken with various Disney characters. Michael said, “I can’t imagine doing that in the middle of a marathon, but there was a lot of this sort of distraction and fun along the route and I enjoyed the spectacle of it. “

The later miles of the race from mile 17 to 18 took the runners through the Animal Park and onto the Hollywood Park by mile 20. Here runners race down Main Street, USA, and finish along the Showcase of the Worlds in Disney’s EPCOT Park.

“This was the most memorable part of the run”, Michael said, “as you take a virtual world tour from England through the USA to Japan then past Mexico to the finish line.”

Michael accomplished his 152nd career marathon in the top 20% out of 17,000 runners, not bad on a few hours of sleep and a boatload of miles behind him.