Triathlete Achieves Personal Best at Ironman World Championship 2010

Known as “the Big One,” this year’s Ironman World Championship is over for Ben Greenfield who blazed through an amazing sub 10 hours at the race in Kona, Hawaii. Searing temperatures, merciless headwinds and crosswinds, and serious calorie depletion didn’t stop Ben from achieving an all-time personal best in this king of triathlon races.

With a swim time of one hour and one minute, a smoking-fast bike time of five hours and 12 minutes despite a tire blowout, followed by a full marathon run completed in a respectable 3 hours and 40 minutes for a total time of 9 hours and 53 minutes, Ben had plenty of reason to celebrate.

“Just surviving this event is a win, and Natural Vitality’s NutraRev™ gave me that added energy boost I needed,” said Ben.

The finish line was, of course, magical, and at 9:53, Ben achieved a Hawaii Ironman personal record as crowds erupted in cheers and clapping. As soon as he made it across the line, he flashed the victory sign and tears of joy and elation mixed with the pride of accomplishment all welled up and came forth.

Asked about his future return to Kona, Ben said, ”Put another Kona in the books. Will I ever race this again? I can get to the podium here and that’s tempting. That’s always what keeps you coming back.”

Next stop for Ben: the Rosehall International Distance Triathlon in Jamaica.