Powerlifting Star Crowned World Masters Champion

On Oct. 3, 2010, Dr. Jerry Moylan competed in the World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he won his age group and was crowned the World Masters Powerlifting Champion for the 55-59 age group.

Contestants are allowed three lifts in each of a series of three events starting with the squat and followed by the bench press and finally the dead lift. With the championship well in hand, Jerry went for broke on his third lift to try to achieve a new world record, but missed in a very close bid. Jerry will have another try at the world record in an upcoming World Powerlifting meet in November.

Jerry said, “The Natural Vitality Sports product Calm® Plus Calcium not only helped my muscles relax, but it also helped my mind to relax. That was crucial in this powerlifting event, where I needed to focus and concentrate before each lift.

“I also successfully use the liquid NutraRev™ for energy and as a super antioxidant to perform at my best at these events. It helps me to recover and to counteract inflammation and cell damage, which is important to me at this level of competition,” Jerry added.