Ultra Marathoner Taking Action—One Step at a Time

“Taking Action—One Step at a Time” is what the headline reads from one of many local newspapers covering John Radich’s remarkable Trans USA Run and his effort to raise funds and awareness for character-building programs for youth.

John ran through rain-soaked Joliet, Illinois, on his way to Chicago and the last stretch of historic Route 66, where the road narrows with little room for a runner alongside trucks barreling along the road. Already feeling nostalgic for this highway, John quipped, “Going to miss all those Route 66 markers now. The route has been one amazing road to follow—my deepest respect for all the pioneers who made it possible. Route 66 is the mother lode of our American highways.”

After passing through Chicago, John finally received a chiropractic adjustment! “After a few thousand miles my body went out of alignment! Wow! Was this ever needed! Feeling great with the Natural Vitality liquid Organic Life Vitamins® kicking in even more!”

On to Indiana, where John hit some flat running along scenic Highway 30—a road that Abraham Lincoln followed to Washington, D.C. Highway 30 has nice wide shoulders with enough room for both John and the traffic and was a welcome respite from the dangers of big rigs zooming past, only inches away from him. But just to keep things interesting, John ran smack dab into an Indiana Tornado Warning with nature’s light show and gale force winds in full display.

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Circumventing the actual tornado, John made it past miles of cornfields and rolling hills and into Fort Wayne. John can almost smell the salt air of the Atlantic.