Trans USA Run Continues Through Oklahoma and Kansas

John Radich sends greetings from Route 66 and rainy Oklahoma. Fighting off sticky thorns and rain, heat and humidity, John ran through Oklahoma City to get some urban running for a change, with narrow sketchy sections of road and the football, oil and cowboy atmosphere that permeates the city.

On to Tulsa—John was drenched as he encountered the biggest rainstorm of his run so far, which petered off to a mist. Road-kill armadillos abounded, with John avoiding big rig trucks spraying rainwater as they roared by. John finally made his way onto a wider shoulder—the narrow stretches left little bailout room and were extremely nerve-racking.

The Oklahoma countryside is green and lush and hot, with lots of hills and dogs that ended up chasing John as he neared Tulsa. The thought of clean laundry gave John that extra boost of motivation. Ahh, the simple pleasures in life that we often take for granted.Running out of Tulsa, the heat index was 100 degrees with 80% humidity.

John made his way through the tip of Kansas and into Missouri as he took a brief stop to commemorate 9/11, with his thoughts and prayers going out to survivors and his heroes, the police, firefighters and rescue workers who saved lives.

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