Ultra Marathon Runner Continues Epic Run Across the US

Only six more Route 66 states to go for John Radich as he runs deeper into the state of Arizona. John says, “Legs are still holding up, no blisters thanks to my Injinji toe socks (www.injinji.com) and Natural Vitality Sports products are keeping me running strong and long.”

With renewed energy and sense of purpose, John headed off for the Arizona Divide. The Arizona Divide is the highest point in the state, topping out at 7,335 feet. This is where the watershed (an area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas) changes the direction of the flow of water from east to west.

Straight into the Arizona monsoon season, John literally ran through buckets of rain and hail, spectacular lightning storms and horrendous thunder claps, supported by passing motorists and truckers who blared their horns and waved in support.

John continued right up Route 66 through neighborhoods surrounded by Ponderosa Pine forests, leading him into big and busy Flagstaff, AZ, a real mountain town, logging in 35 more miles for the day.

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“The folks are so friendly and supportive out here,” said John. He had just finished a nice breakfast at the local café, which was offered at no charge by the owner, a Greek gentleman who took a real interest in John’s run. It didn’t hurt to mention that John had run through Greece in 1999—from Athens to Hamburg, Germany, an exciting cross–European-continent run that John accomplished.

John continues on with his journey and will soon reach New Mexico. More news to follow!