Winner Updates from Dr. Pascal

Here’s the most recent updates of winners and nutritional successes from Dr. David Pascal, doctor to the Olympic and World Championship Stars.

Khadevis Robinson, 8 time USA 800 meter National Champion and 2004 Olympian
“Actually the supplements have really been the reason I have been able to get healthy so quickly and stay fit. I was injured at the beginning of the season and I have had to do so much extra to try to catch up, the Natural Vitality supplements have allowed me to up the load on my body without breaking down.“

Jamaal Torrance, USA 400 meter Bronze medalist
“The Natural Calm Plus Calcium helped my muscles to recover enough to run three races in four days. In the 3rd race I just ran the fastest time of my career to win the 400 meter bronze medal at the U.S Track & Field Championships.”

Yvette Lewis, 100 Hurdles
“When I had surgery on my foot a few months ago I did not think that I was going to be able to compete this season. I feel that the Organic Life Vitamins and NutraRev helped me heal in time to compete last weekend in the U.S Track & Field Championships.”

Fredrick Norris, Long Jump
“I just returned for the U.S. National Track& Field Championships. The Calm Plus Calcium and OLV are my favorites, they keep my body regular and much less sore. Body functions better now and since I have been struggling with injuries I would have had to cut season early without this nutritional support.”

Lex Gillette, Paralympian
“Since I been taking the Natural Vitality products I feel as though my body responds better to workouts. I’m able to go out to the track and warmup, and be totally ready for a workout. Sometimes in the past before the vitamins, I would warmup and still feel a little sluggish. This season I broke two indoor American records, in the 60 meter sprint and the long jump.”

Barry Nobles, BMX Racer
“My season is going great. I won two national back to back. The PGNV products have made my recovery time faster. I am lasting longer through a weekend of racing. I like the OLV the best. I take them just one just and I know I’m getting everything I need for the day. I have competed three weekends in a row, two races a weekend. I have come home with 4 wins out of 6 races!”