Powerlifting World Record Holder Celebrates 57th Birthday

Powerlifiting world record holder Dr. Gerry Moylan recently celebrated his 57th birthday by competing in a timed CrossFit* competition. This demanding two-day meet included lifting 225 pounds a total of 45 times, along with lifting a 70-pound kettlebell weight from the ground to overhead 63 times and then running three-fourths of a mile.

Four hours later Dr. Moylan had to snatch 95 pounds a total of 47 times, then jump rope with two hand turns for every jump 147 times, which rounded out the first day.

The next day, with a very tired body, his events included nine flying chin-ups (which are done on a ladder-type structure on which you propel yourself to a series of successively higher bars while doing a chin-up and then using your hands to bring yourself back down the successive bars until your feet can touch the floor and repeat). This was then followed by 21 handstand pushups, 50 box jumps (this is what it sounds like: squat down, leap up, land soft on a box or similar piece of solid equipment, jump back down and repeat), 30 squats with a 70-pound kettlebell, a run with an 80-pound sandbag for 150 meters, followed by a clean and jerk of 135 pounds 20 times, 50 burpees, press overhead 100 pounds 20 times, 40 pushups and 50 squats, and he finished with 50 chin-ups – all in 40 minutes!  “No broken bones, no stitches, just a sore body! Then I had a nice dinner with my wife,” Dr. Moylan said.

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*CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.